Your Trusted NDIS Provider in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Enabling Dreams, Empowering Lives.

Lasport Healthcare is an NDIS provider in Fremantle, Western Australia that is committed to providing high-quality healthcare and disability support services to individuals with disabilities.

Comprehensive Range of Disability Support in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Assist-Personal Activities

As a reliable provider of NDIS nursing services in Fremantle, our commitment is to serve the community with both compassion and professionalism.


The Assist Travel and Transport service is crafted to guarantee that individuals with disabilities have access to secure transport services.

Community Nursing Care

As a reputable provider of NDIS nursing services in Fremantle, we take pride in delivering professional and empathetic service to the community.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Our commitment is to offer the necessary support to make daily life more manageable and enjoyable for NDIS participants in shared living situations.

Household Tasks

Lasport Healthcare is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing specialised assistance with household tasks.

Participate Community

With us, you have a committed partner in the journey towards creating a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with disabilities in Fremantle.

Group/Centre Activities

We carefully crafted Group/Centre Activities that align with the goals of NDIS participants.

Positive Behaviour Support

Our mission is to assist individuals in acting in more appropriate ways that enhance their quality of life.

Providing Quality Support for Individuals with Disabilities.

Lasport Healthcare is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate, and personalised support services to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to live more independently and participate more fully in their communities. 

Our staff is extensively trained and experienced in working with individuals with diverse disabilities, encompassing physical, intellectual, and sensory impairments.

Why Choose Lasport Healthcare.

Highly-trained and Experienced

Lasport Healthcare boasts a team of professionals who are highly trained and experienced.

Accessible and Affordable

Our dedication is to deliver accessible and affordable services to NDIS participants in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Lasport Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of NDIS services.

Mission and Vision.


We are dedicated to promoting the rights and dignity of people with disabilities by providing respectful and empowering services that enable them to achieve their full potential.


Our vision is to create a community where everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources. A community in which all individuals will be able to live lives of meaningful participation and contribution to society.

Lasport Healthcare Values.


We value and respect the unique needs, preferences, and choices of every NDIS participant, and we are committed to consistently treating them with dignity and respect.


We believe that every NDIS participant has the right to be in control of their own lives and make their own choices. We are committed to providing services and support that empower NDIS participants to achieve their goals and live their best lives.


We are committed to providing high-quality services and support that meet the needs and expectations of NDIS participants and their families. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are dedicated to continuous improvement.


We believe that effective collaboration and communication with NDIS participants, their families, and other service providers is essential to delivering the best possible outcomes. We are committed to working collaboratively and respectfully with all stakeholders.


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and are committed to transparency and accountability in all our business practices. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards and to deliver services that are compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.


We are committed to staying at the forefront of developments in the disability sector and to exploring new and innovative approaches to service delivery. We are open to new ideas and approaches that have the potential to improve outcomes for NDIS participants.