NDIS Assist Travel And Transport in Perth, Western Australia

NDIS Assist Travel And Transport in Rockingham, Western Australia.

Enabling Dreams, Empowering Lives.

The aim of the Assist Travel and Transport service is to ensure that people with disabilities can access secure transportation options.

Top-Quality Assist Travel And Transport.

The NDIS Assist Travel and Transport services provided by Lasport Healthcare are designed to make sure that NDIS participants have access to reliable, safe transportation that meets their particular needs and requirements.

Our close collaboration with participants and their families ensures that the service is customised to meet each person’s specific needs and preferences.

Lasport Healthcare is committed to giving NDIS participants access to reasonably priced and easily accessible transportation services so they can live more independently and participate fully in their communities.

Travel And Transport Assistance we Provide:

  • Assistance with transport to medical appointments, social events, educational institutions, and other important appointments.
  • Support with getting in and out of vehicles, and assistance with luggage and mobility aids.
  • Transport in a vehicle that satisfies the participant’s needs and specifications and is safe and dependable.
  • Assistance with travel planning and coordination.
  • Assistance in locating economical and easily accessible transportation choices.
  • Support with navigating public transport systems and using mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers or crutches.
  • Assistance in creating and carrying out travel plans that take into account each participant’s unique requirements and objectives.
  • Assistance with finding and accessing funding for transport services through the NDIS or other funding sources.
  • Regular communication and updates with the participant and their support team to ensure that the service is meeting their needs and preferences.
  • Provision of transport services that comply with all relevant safety and regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Lasport Healthcare.

Highly-trained and Experienced

Lasport Healthcare has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Accessible and Affordable

We aim to offer services that are both affordable and easily accessible to NDIS participants in Rockingham, Western Australia.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Lasport Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of NDIS services.