Disability Support Services in Applecross, Western Australia.

Enabling Dreams, Empowering Lives.

Lasport Healthcare is committed to providing accessible and affordable disability services to NDIS participants in Applecross, Western Australia.

Personalised NDIS Support Services in Applecross, Western Australia.

At Lasport Healthcare, we are dedicated to making NDIS accessible and affordable for people with disabilities living in Applecross in Western Australia. We work closely with NDIS participants and families to create individualised care plans based on their individual needs and needs.

Assist-Personal Activities

As a reliable NDIS nursing service provider in Applecross, we are committed to providing compassionate and professional care to the community.


The goal of the Assist Travel and Transport service is to guarantee that people with disabilities can access secure transportation options.

Community Nursing Care

Serving the community with professionalism and empathy is something we take great pride in as a reliable NDIS nursing services provider in Applecross.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

We are committed to giving NDIS participants who live in shared living situations the assistance they need to make everyday living more enjoyable and manageable.

Household Tasks

Lasport Healthcare is committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities by offering specialised assistance with household tasks.

Participate Community

You have a committed ally in us as we work to create a more welcoming and helpful community in Applecross for people with disabilities.

Group/Centre Activities

We thoughtfully designed Group/Centre Activities that cater to the goals of NDIS participants.

Positive Behaviour Support

Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by assisting them in acting in more sensible ways.